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Selected Publications by Undergraduate Students from 2013 to 2016

  • Wenrui Ma, Oscar Sandoval, Jonathan Beltran, Deng Pan, and Niki Pissinou , et al. "Traf?c Aware Placement of Interdependent NFV Middleboxes." INFOCOM, 2017 Proceedings IEEE. IEEE, 2017.

  • A. Shahid, L. JeuKeng, W. Zeng, N. Pissinou, S. Iyengar, S. Sahni and M. Conover, "PPVC: Privacy Preserving Voronoi Cell for Location-Based Services", proceedings of 2017 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC): Communications and Information Security Symposium (ICNC'17 CIS), Silicon Valley, USA.

  • A. Shahid, K. Zolfaghari, A. Shetty, W. Zheng, N. Pissinou, S. Iyeganr n-VDD: Location Privacy Framework Based on Voronoi-Delaunay Duality' submitted IEEE INFOCOM 2016 (not accepted under revision to be submitted)

  • Mohammad A. Islam, Hasan Mahmud, Shaolei Ren, Xiaorui Wang, Haven Wang, Joseph Scott, "GreenColo: Incentivizing Tenants for Reducing Carbon Footprint in Colocation Data Centers", under review, 2014.

  • Lauent Yamen Njilla, Niki Pissinou, Patricial Echual, Kia Makki, M. Obaida, "Game Theoretic Modeling of Security and Trust Relationship in Cyberspace", International Journal of Communication Systems (to appear)

  • Jong-Hoon Kim; Prabakar, N.; Tope, C., "Efficient concurrent operations of telepresence avatars," Robotics (ISR), 2013 44th International Symposium on , vol., no., pp.1,5, 24-26 Oct. 2013

  • Nagarajan Prabakar, Cynthia Tope, and Jong-Hoon Kim , " A Smart Multi Telepresence Robot Management System ", Proceedings of the 2013 World Congress on Advances in Nano, Biomechanics, Robotics, and Energy Research (ANBRE13), Seoul, Korea, pp. 43-51, August 25-28, 2013

  • Islam, M.A.; Shaolei Ren; Gang Quan, "Online Energy Budgeting for Virtualized Data Centers," Modeling, Analysis & Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), 2013 IEEE 21st International Symposium on , vol., no., pp.424,433, 14-16 Aug. 2013

  • Ahmed, K.; Ren, S.; Turnewitsch, V.; Vasilakos, A.V., "Credibility optimization and power control for secure mobile crowdsourcing," Communication, Control, and Computing (Allerton), 2013 51st Annual Allerton Conference on , vol., no., pp.1501,1508, 2-4 Oct. 2013

  • Jong-Hoon Kim , Nagarajan Prabakar, and Cynthia Tope, " Efficient Concurrent Operations of Telepresence Avatars ", Proceedings of The 44th International Symposium on Robotics, Seoul, Korea, October 24-26, 2013

  • Nagarajan Prabakar, Cynthia Tope, and Jong-Hoon Kim , " A Smart MultiTelepresence Robot Management System ", Proceedings of the 2013 WorldCongress on Advances in Nano, Biomechanics, Robotics, and Energy Research(ANBRE13), Seoul, Korea, pp. 43-51, August 25-28, 2013

  • Michael O'Neill; Andrew Wells; Xin Sun. "Towards a Novel and Optimal Packet Identifier Design for SDN” in Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Hot Topics in Software Defined Networking (HotSDN), Chicago, IL, August 2014.

  • Isaac Vawter, Deng Pan, and Wenrui Ma, “Emulation Performance Study of Traffic-Aware Policy Enforcement in Software Defined Networks”, Workshop for REU Research in Networking and Systems (REUNS 2014), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Oct. 2014.

  • Terry, I.M.; Wu, A.; Ramirez, S.; Makki, A.P.; Bobadilla, L.; Pissinou, N.; Iyengar, S.S.; Carbunar, B., "Geofit: Verifiable Fitness Challenges," Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS), 2014 IEEE 11th International Conference on , vol., no., pp.720,724, 28-30 Oct. 2014 doi: 10.1109/MASS.2014.133

  • Jo, E.; Deng Pan; Liu, J.; Butler, L., "A simulation and emulation study of SDN-based multipath routing for fat-tree data center networks," Simulation Conference (WSC), 2014 Winter , vol., no., pp.3072,3083, 7-10 Dec. 2014

  • Martin, H.; Donaw, J.; Kelly, R.; YoungJin Jung; Jong-Hoon Kim, "A novel approach of prosthetic arm control using computer vision, biosignals, and motion capture," Computational Intelligence in Robotic Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies (CIR2AT), 2014 IEEE Symposium on , vol., no., pp.26,30, 9-12 Dec. 2014

  • Harold Martin, Jaime Donaw, Robert Kelly, YoungJin Jung, Jong-Hoon Kim" A Novel Approach of Prosthetic Arm Control using Computer Vision, Biosignals, and Motion Capture", Proceedings of IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (IEEE-SSCI 2014), Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.,December 9-12, 2014

  • Michael Waddell, Cesar Perez, Jong-Hoon Kim, " Limiting the Deformation of a Spacecraft’s Hull through the Application of Piezoelectric Materials", the 2015 IEEE Aerospace Conference, Yellowstone Conference Center, Big Sky, Montana, Mar 7 - 14, 2015.

  • Distributed Multi-Robot Area Patrolling in Adversarial Environments T. Alam, M. Edwards, L. Bobadilla, and D. Shell. In CPS Week: Workshop on Robotic Sensor Networks, 2015

  • Hien Nguyen, Ebtissam Wahman, Niki Pissinou, S. S. Iyengar, Kia Makki:Mobile learning object authoring tool and management system for mobile ad hoc wireless networks. Int. J. Communication Systems 28(17): 2180-2196 (2015)

  • T. Alam, M. Edwards, L. Bobadilla, and D. Shell. "Distributed Multi-Robot Area Patrolling in Adversarial Environments" in the International Workshop on Robotic Sensor Networks (RSN), Seattle, Washington, April 2015

Projects by REU Students