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Advanced Secured Sensor Enabling Technologies (ASSET)

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF)

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and the Department of Defense (DoD)

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What is REU?

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site at Florida International University (FIU) provides research experience to undergraduate students during a 10 week summer program. Surf the wave with ASSET Research! The research projects during the summer program will be centered around the theme of Advanced Secured Sensor Enabling Technologies (ASSET). Students will improve the understanding of the nature of research practice and scientific reasoning and learn the process of conducting research and hands-on knowledge of applied and basic research.

Why REU at FIU?

There are several reasons to apply to the REU program at FIU (Application Instructions are accessible on the sidebar):

  • Students will be paid $6,000 for doing some cutting-edge research!

  • Also $120 per week will be provided for meal expenses!!

  • Out-of-town students are provided with housing and travel expenses.

  • Students will work on cutting-edge research in the area of Advanced Secured Sensor Enabling Technologies (ASSET), in team-oriented projects where each student gets to learn from his or her team-mates and building critical social interaction and communication skills.

  • Provide students with a collegial partnership experience with faculty and peers.

  • Improve oral and written comprehension and communication of technical knowledge.

  • Spark an interest in continuing relevant research in graduate.

  • And of course, students will spend a summer in Miami with its excellent beaches and warm waters!

Nature of Activities for Minority Students

  • Active Learners as Members of a Research Community

  • Workshops and Seminars

    • Heuristics in Picking up Specific Research Skills
    • How to apply and Succeed in Graduate School
    • Technical & Professional Seminars
    • Weekly Invited Talks on Emerging Research
    • Journal Club

  • Faculty and Peer Mentoring

  • Recreation and Social Activities

Eligibility for Application

  • Must be a U.S Citizen

  • Minimum Major GPA of 3.0

  • Required Documents

    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Unofficial Transcript
    • Personal Statement
    • Two Personal References