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Sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF)

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Department of Defense (DoD)

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Supplementary Training

Our REU program serves as an excellent opportunity for REU students to participate in many aspects of a scientific research program through a set of well planned and focused activities that will ramp up student skills, knowledge for research, communication and presentation skills.

Research is augmented with the following:

  • Tutorials for Active Learners and Members of a Research Community

    • Heuristics in picking up specific research skills
    • Technical seminars
    • Weekly invited talks on emerging research
    • Journal club
    • Workshop dissemination of research and peer-reviewed process
    • REU Symposium and Best REU Paper Award
    • Tutorials on specialized software, simulators and hardware
    • Conference attendance
  • Workshops and Seminars

    • How to apply and succeed in graduate school
    • Professional seminars and visits to local industries
    • Professional development and communication studios
    • GRE Workshop
    • Panel discussion on career options
    • Graduate student panels
    • Discussion on Ethics 
  • Faculty and Peer Mentoring

    • Daily interaction and weekly mentoring meeting with Principal Investigator and Program Director
    • Daily interaction with Graduate student mentors
  • Visit to local IT Industries

  • Recreational and Social Activities

    • Soccer and basketball
    • Paintball
    • Sky diving (at your own risk)
    • South Beach outings
    • Everglades trip