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Sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF)

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Department of Defense (DoD)

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Testimonials from previous REU students:

  • "I would not have considered grad school and the benefits of an advanced degree if I did not get exposed to the REU.”

  • "The REU was a great learning experience. It helped me to realize the importance of research and lifelong learning. I was able to learn time management and the ability to do research at a graduate level. Also, it was an important part of my resume as it helped with searching for jobs.”

  • “It was a great experience. It really opened my eyes to many different things and how research is conducted.”

  • “I liked a lot the REU program because it helped me visualize a different area of CS. It also helped by motivating me to learn research algorithms like the Game Theory Algorithms I studied in the program.”

  • “The program help me to develop my research skills and gave me an idea of team work. Very thankful for the opportunity.”

  • “I wasn’t sure I could afford college, let alone graduate school.  Dr. Pissinou helped me identified undergraduate scholarship opportunities which I did not know existed and helped apply for scholarships.”

  • “Dr. Pissinou is enthusiastic and passed that enthusiasm along to me. She encouraged and guided my decision to transfer to a higher ranked undergraduate program, and provided assistance with the process.”

  • “I was lost in my undergraduate studies and my grades were suffering. I wanted to transfer to another school even if my credits were not transferable. Dr. Pissinou helped me work through the hurdles and design a plan.”

  • “Even though I was in the Dean’s honor list, my undergraduate program was stressful – I did not want go to graduate school or pursue an engineering career. Dr. Pissinou discussed many career options. Now I am pursuing a M.Sc. in Computer Science.”

  • "My mentor’s letter of recommendation was very important as I applied to graduate programs.”

  • “On the way to the airport to catch a plane to attend his grandmother's funeral, the REU student was extremely disturbed. His demeanor changed when he received a call from Dr. Pissinou reassuring him that everything would be okay and that she was looking forward to his return to the program.”